Erin Darkflame Montgomary

Factol Erin Darkflame Montgomery

Erin Darkflame Montgomery (f/human/C9/Diancecht/LG/Sensates/Factol)


Statuesque, smart, and sensual, Erin Darkflame Montgomery is no cutter’s helpless doxy. She’s a complete person, and being a woman (maybe a hindrance in some places) hasn’t made her any less capable of dealing with the seductions, intrigues, intellectualism, and dangers of Sigil. Though she’s no more than average height, the combination of inner fire, lively green eyes, and short auburn hair make her more than unforgettable. Yet for one so striking, she shows little of the vanity folk’s associate with good looks.
Now Erin’s the factol of The Society of Sensation. Some say it’s simply because she looks good for the part, but those who dismiss her like that are most likely bitter from dealings they’ve had with her, not to their liking. The woman’s secure in her position, secure enough that she doesn’t even bother with magical armor or other protections. She figures Sigil and her own reputation are protection enough. Reputation she’s got, too: kind and loving one minute, a cold-willed blood the next. She’s got the love of most of The Sensates to boot, so only a leatherhead’d ever try to pike her in a foul fight.

In part because she’s charming and more because she’s hard, Erin’s got a lot of sway in the Hall of Speakers. The Signers naturally tend to agree with her positions, as do the Guvners, but Erin’s even been able to pull in the support of the Bleakers and The Xaositects when the need really demanded it.

Currently, Erin’s watching the rise of Duke Darkwood, calculating the threat and the moves she’s going to have to take if he ever becomes too dangerous.

Erin Darkflame Montgomary

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